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Coffee not only stains carpets. We provide teeth whitening to erase the effects of coffee, tea, and tobacco.
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We've got it covered. Good brushing habits keeps your teeth really healthy.

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Cancer Screening

Vizilite Plus® Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is one of the more curable diseases when it's caught early. Unfortunately, many times when cancer is seen with the naked eye it is already at a more advanced stage. The Vizilite Plus® screening in combination with a visual examination, provides a more comprehensive screening for the at risk patient. The procedure is painless and fast.

Brush Biopsy®

The OralCDx® BrushTest® is an easy and painless way to test the common small white and red pots found in the mouth. The brush test is used to determine if the spots contain abnormal cells, known as dysplasia, that if left alone for several years, may develop into cancer.